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Jason 049From ZFunktopus, TalesFromRetail

I work in the paint department of one of the big home improvement/hardware store chain places and yesterday we were crazy busy due to the holiday. Paint is located right by the front door so we are often the first associates a customer sees so people come to us for a lot of non paint things.

While I'm making up orders for three separate customers a burly guy with a bushy salt and pepper beard says me to in a thick Russian accent "Excuse me." The following conversation happens as I'm going back and forth between two tinting machines and mixing up about 7 different gallons of paint.

Me - "Hi, can I help you with something?"

Burly Russian Guy - "I would like job. You give me job."

Me - "Sorry, I just sell paint. I can't give you a job. If want to apply for a position here you have to fill out an application on our website."

BRG - "I do not have computer."

Me - "Well if you'd like we have a computer you can use to fill out one near the exit."

BRG - "I do not like computers."

Me - "I'm sorry but there isn't even a paper application I could get for you. Everyone has to fill out a computer one."

BRG - "You type for me." (He points to where I said the computer is and says this is a demanding tone.)

Carolanne2 030Me - "Sorry, can't do that. I'm kind of busy mixing paint."

BRG - "I no type good. You type for me. You go typetypetypetypetypetype. (He kept repeating the word type and making typing finger motions) You are good with computer. You use computer."

Me - "Sorry, I can't do that. Plus you kind of need to be able to use a computer to work here."

BRG - "So you no typetypetypetype?"

Me - "Nope."

BRG - (Says something in Russian than angrily storms out)




Misty Meanor

Stupid is as stupid does!™


"So you no typetypetypetype?"
No, Sir. You're a big boy, you type-ity type type type it yourself. Even if you take longer.


I am a very good typist, but I would never type the computerized application for anyone even if they paid me a million to do it! He should do it himself and check for errors before sending it through!

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