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From Eric From Ohio:

As a suffering retail manager; I try to treat my employees better than I remember being treated when I was in their place.  This dumb bitch was transfered from another store to mine via request of that store's manager.  The manager warned she whined, cried and was valued as being little more than a warm body to get the job done (which she came nowhere close to doing anyway).  I felt bad for her.  So she begins working at my store.  1st thing is, dumb bitch cries at the drop of a hat.  Boo fucking hoo missy!  This is R-E-T-A-I-L!  Where we are DOOMED to a life in RETAIL HELL!  Secondly, my other employees and those from other stores believe her to be a junkie (frequent trips to the restroom with a wallet not large enough to hold a tampon).  Last Monday night, dumb bitch calls me, her manager, as I'm finally having dinner with my parents (retail hours y'all).  She begins WAILING, wretchedly whining that she has been back and forth to the restroom throwing up all night long.  Keep in mind, I left the store at 3pm and it is now 7:30.  I told her she needed to tell the Assistant Manager (who she was working with) if she felt that she needed to go home.  She said she would do that and I didn't hear from her again that night.  The next day, the Assistant Manager told me she worked her entire shift and was quite 'bubbly' when 3rd shift arrived at 10:30.  Today, Tuesday, everyone in the company sees the following on her Facebook.  DUMB BITCH!


 --Eric From Ohio




Ooooh, the longsuffering tales of A! What bravery she does by blatantly ignoring health issues (and biohazard issues) by 'staying and suffering'. I hope someone on Facebook called her out on it. The way it sounds, she didn't even ask the AM if she could leave.


Freddie ... Facebook is searchable. If that post is a screengrab and not some kind of PhotoShop reconstruction, you might have just outed both the clerk and the manager. Normally you're more anonymous than that.

Kai Lowell

Lightning, I doubt she was even sick. She was probably just trying to get someone to let her go home so she wouldn't have to work.


I dunno, Um..., you can't see the person's name and the pictures have the faces (mildly) obscured.

Misty Meanor

She sounds like a messed up version of Mr. Lazy!


I agree, Kai, she sounds like ManChild who does all the whining to his co-workers but never says anything to management. Actually he goes one better he mopes and whines and gets in everyone's way then lies outrageously about how he had had an argument with management about how he's being picked on and bullied when he's been so terribly ill.

When talking with management about how irritating and in the way ManChild is being they look at you blankly because he hasn't actually said a single word to any of them.

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