Somebody Clearly Doesn't Know What A Circumcision Is...
Awkwardly Placed Stickers: I'm Kind Of Afraid To Know Any More Details



Hmm... reminds me of what happened to my brother's wedding photos. He paid a wedding photographer to come to the ceremony and reception. Guy was legit, had a storefront and everything. When he gets back from the honeymoon, the guy's gone, storefront's empty. He's out the money and he doesn't get his wedding photos.

Apparently this guy got super burnt out at his job. He did this to several couples over the course of a few weeks, took their money, showed up for the work (I suppose for the free bar and appetizers), and then ran off with their money.

At least this shop is corporate and there's some way for these people to get reimbursed.


Lil Tiger, since he (hopefully) had this guy's contact information, he did go to the police and file a report for theft, right? ...right?


Similar thing happened at a gaming and comic store in a fairly busy here in Calgary.
One day employees showed up to open the store only to find a padlocked chain on the door handles.

Kai Lowell

Lightning, you might want to read some of the wedding stories on Etiquette Hell. You'd be surprised at what vendors will do to people!

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