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Sept 2From snert12, TalesFromRetail

I was working express (fifteen items or fewer) at the grocery store I work at today and a woman comes up with one of our small carts packed to the brim.

Me: Excuse me ma'am this is an express lane for only fifteen items or fewer.

Lady: I have about 17, is that ok?

Me: Are you sure that's 17 you have quite a bit

Lady: No I counted its seventeen its fine.

Without a response she unloads all her groceries onto the cart. I am dealing with another customer in front of her at the moment so I have no time to make a fuss.

She has a lot of items on the belt, way over 17. How inconsiderate to the people behind her. There was no use telling her to reload her cart that would take more time. I ring her up with a deadpan angry face as she smuggly watched me bag her copious amount of groceries.

I look at the item counter and she bought 34 items. What happened to "17, I counted?"

Me: Ok, your thirty-four items will come to a grand total of $117.90

I said this in my most beautifully cheery sarcastic retail voice.

Her face turned bright red. Customers seem to think there isn't an item counter, my register tells me how many items I've scanned.





I think I've read one like this on a different page, but the items and total number were a little different. Plus, item counter on the register? You can count the items while scanning.


I once had somebody argue with me about scanning a cart full of items at a 10 or less line, so I finally told her that I could do ten items then she'd have to go through the line again for an additional ten and so on until her cart was emptied. She went to the full service checkout (the one that had a conveyor belt and not a one foot square counter top). Eventually we just started telling people that if their purchase did not fit in that one foot square counter, they had to go to the full checkout, no matter how long their lines were. We just were not equipped to handle full size grocery orders.

Misty Meanor

People who don't bother counting properly really piss me off!


but but the 20 cans of cat food all different sizes and flavors just count as one item, right? and those little impulse buys, they don't actually count as items because they weren't on my shopping list. Also, look, all these items fit into the plastic tub I'm buying, so that totally just counts as one item.


I remember reading one cashier's response somewhere. It went along the lines of: I'll pay you $1 for every item under 15, you pay me a $1 for every item over 15. That would weed them out on a hurry.

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