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From Tales From RetailSnarkySunshine:

I work in the deli department of a major Australian supermarket so I have plenty of stories of crazy customers.

This one happened to a co worker a few years ago but I got to watch the whole spectacle.

We sell salmon with the skin on in our seafood section. Now salmon skin is just that, skin. There are no scales, even though it looks like the scales are still attached.

The skin can be eaten, no need to cut it off and it fries up deliciously crispy.

Enter crazy lady. She asks my co worker (we'll call him Alberto) if we have salmon and is shown our two options.

The no skin salmon is too expensive so she buys a portion with skin and is repeatedly reassured that there are no scales on the skin.

She leaves semi-happy.

Perfectly normal afternoon so far right.

RHSEPT 094The next morning she comes storming into the deli where me, Alberto and a few others are working.

She spies Alberto and full on throws a packet of salmon at his head! It hits him on the side of his face and he just stands there bewildered whilst Crazy Lady is ranting and raving about scales and dying.

A manager is immediately called and Crazy Lady is escorted elsewhere.

We opened the packet and found that she had scraped (not cut) or tried to scrape all the skin off because she thought the markings were scales and she was afraid of choking.

Our store manager had to ring our salmon supplier to confirm that salmon skin has no scales and that Alberto did not lie to her.

Just another day at the deli.

In good news, Alberto was given an extra long lunch that day.

Never saw the crazy fish lady again and a few days later we were given official paperwork to read that basically stated that salmon has no scales.




And she was escorted away by police because of assault, right? ...right?

Misty Meanor

Unfortunately, in cases like this, more often than not they don't get escorted away because you know how customers are.


Misty, tantrumy children - which I tend to see being escort out by parents holding their hands and telling them that any crying will not be tolerated. Why shouldn't crusties be treated like that? (I know, I know, wishful thinking...)


Lightning - Because crusties have money, and nothing is as important as trying to get that money.


Including employee safety. That's assault, plain and simple,and I really wish I could believe she was not seen again due to being arrested, charged, and trespassed off the premises

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