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My biggest annoyance with 'traffic' is in the early morning (when everyone's heading for work) or late afternoon (when a lot of people are heading back home), because it makes the busses late.

Simplest solution would be: bus-only lines between 6:30 AM - 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM
That way, busses are not stuck behind cars. But nobody seems to think of this. I'm sure some people will drive in such lanes because "they are free", but you can make non-busses using such lanes get a hefty fine for it.


Thank you explaining the difference between morning traffic and afternoon traffic....

It already exists,

We call them bus lanes, but unfortunately not all roads are suitable for a separate bus lane so at some point all traffic is squeezed into one lane again negating any time gained.


KingfisherDrew, I should have specified: Germany needs them.


"Fundamental problem with traffic" is people. Any system that depends on people not being assholes is doomed to failure. (watches video after that) Yeah, that's what I thought. And then a commercial for self driving cars. (Of which I approve and really want one...)

Lightning, that would make everyone ELSE late.

Eddy Cator

Really Lightning? I lived in Berlin and Munich, and thought Germany had one of the best, most efficient public transport systems. I was never late, though admittedly I never took the bus, only S-bahn, U-bahn and trams. Perhaps it's different for smaller cities?

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