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BrideFrom DorkJedi, TalesFromRetail Comments

A bank I was with years ago was caught being a major douche. Evidence and testimony by employees verified what everyone thought and they were eventually sued for:

They purposefully held deposits on accounts that are always low. They would accumulate the day's checks for the account, and work out what order of cashing them produced the highest number of bounced checks for the account. They would then process it that way, assess the fees and penalties, THEN let the deposit go into the severely negative account.

People getting paid expecting a $300 deposit found themselves at -$300 and wondering what the hell happened.

Many people living paycheck to paycheck found themselves unable to eat, pay rent, or worse all the time.




Misty Meanor

I hope karma bit them good!


OMG! This reminds me of one of my first jobs, that I had mostly forgotten about before now. It was at an ice cream shop known for the number of flavors, and I had a number of paychecks bounce when I deposited them. It wasn't the bank's fault tho, it was the franchise owner not having the funds available. So, check would bounce, I'd get hit with a fee, which would cause an overdraft fee, followed by more fees. I thank God for my Dad, who helped me out of it, since I was just a kid with no clue how to handle the situation. He helped me get a lawyer who threatened legal action against the employer, and all back wages and overdraft fees were paid

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