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BADPARENTSFrom Isle_Girl, TalesFromRetail

Sorry. I need to rant.

I work two part-time retail jobs. One is in a semi-upscale boutique type store and the other is in a resale store. Yesterday I was in the resale store.

A woman comes in with her small girl child. There were a few other people in the store. She begins to browse and of course ignores her child, who begins to climb in and out of the rounders, all around the chairs we have for people (men) who are waiting for their companions to finish shopping and take things off shelves leaving the items wherever she wanted. It is a very small store.

I was keeping an eye on the child but not saying anything. Then the child goes to the dressing rooms and starts slamming the doors over and over.

Other customers were staring in that direction. Now we are talking real danger. That's all I need is for the little angel to smash her fingers. When I go to ask her to stop she has locked herself in the room. Hooray.

I ask mom to please get her out.

Mom says "Oh, she's fine."

Well, no. She isn't. I need her out. I can see the little dear climbing up on the chair in there and falling and hurting herself all behind a locked door. Awesome.

The mother gets her out and then tells her that they are leaving because I am "not a nice person." I told her I am a very nice person but I can't be the parent. In other words - step in and help me here lady.

Well... of course she left a rant on our facebook page and sent an email to my boss. What really pisses me off (besides all the lying) is that she has ZERO problem with her child playing in the store. Does she think we are a playground FFS?

I may lose my job over this - big woop - I am scheduled for 7 hours next week.

Email she sent w/ identifying stuff removed.

ENTITLEDCUSTYSTo Whom it May Concern:

Never, ever have I had such a horrible experience at any place of business. Usually the boutiques are women friendly and pleasant. I 'speed shop' and go through as much as I can in a very little amount of time. Today, March 1, 2014 at the XXXXXX location around 3:30, I was shopping with my 4yr old daughter and we were the only patrons in the store.

My daughter and I shop together and spend every second together. I am an only parent because we lost her dad in an accident when she was 9mos old. I thought it was not a problem and cute that my daughter loves to shop and she just discovered the fun in 'hiding' in the clothes. I remember hiding in clothes racks as a child, think it's something most kids do...

Because we were the only ones in the store, I thought it was a safe place to let her play for the 10mins we were there and while I was carrying around dozens of items. Unless it doesn't fit, I usually purchase everything I choose to take off the rack. I would have been in and out of there within 20mins, it usually takes the sales clerk longer to ring me up than for me to find & try on clothes. By the way, this is a second hand store, not Sax Fifth Avenue.

Typically a sales person would offer to put those dozens of items in a fitting room instead of having to lug around a load of clothes and judging my daughter's normal behavior. I was nearly ready to try on all of my new finds and the sales woman was upset that my daughter was in the fitting room and closed the door. It's none of her business, but I trust that my daughter knows how to open and close, lock and unlock doors, and that she wouldn't damage anything. Your sales clerk was very irritated.

I could quickly tell that the sales woman was more than upset and I tried to help my daughter understand why what she was doing was upsetting the sales clerk. I told my daughter, "It's okay, I know why..." and the sales woman said 'It's not okay.'

GroupdroidsI gave back the clothes and attempted to console my daughter because her feeling were hurt and she didn't know what she did wrong. I then told my daughter that not all people are nice and it's time for us to go, rarely does she encounter anyone who is unpleasant.

Your sales clerk said, 'I'm a very nice person, you're just a bad parent."

How dare you question my parenting skills? Most people who know my daughter think she's delightful. She didn't do anything wrong, I feel bad that your sales clerk holds such stress.

If my daughter was throwing things, moving merchandise, hiding items, yes, I can see why someone would be upset but really? She even brought me a sweater I hadn't seen and I said to her, sure that's cute thanks for your help! My daughter's reply was "You like it?!" and was very pleased that she found something I liked.

Your sales clerk probably spent most of her hourly wages time putting back the clothes on the racks than she did helping a customer or being upset that a typical 4yr old girl was shopping with her mom. She is representing XXXXXXX, I certainly hope she is volunteering and not counting on a paycheck.

Thank you for ruining my shopping experience, you saved me a bunch of money today and I will never return.

Good luck and take care.







I highly suggest requesting all the cctv footage (if you have cctv) from that day.

Misty Meanor

Typical that they slander you.


Shutterbug, I agree if there is any video taped footage of the little girl running around the store like it is a playground, the footage will show the mom ignoring her kid. This worker was lucky the kid didn't slam her hands in the door!


"not a nice person."
Ma'am, I am only nice to people who deserve it.

"I am an only parent because we lost her dad in an accident when she was 9mos old."
Sorry, lady, but this line immediately makes me suspicious of every word coming after. This is a line you don't mention, mostly because it sounds fake and, frankly, it adds nothing to the story. Your lack of a partner has nothing to do with the incident. I don't know if it's true, I don't care if it's true, but you sound like the people who try to get out of things by saying, "Oh, but my mother, she's old and sick...!"

"Because we were the only ones in the store, I thought it was a safe place to let her play"
NO! STORE =/= PLAYGROUND! Would you say the same, if you were the only people in a KNIFE store? Fucking idiot. Here, lady. tl;dr to your letter.

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