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Bad Parents: "Now Stay Here... Mommy Needs To Get Her Hair Done"


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I started a new job in an slightly ''upmarket'' (well for my area) supermarket inside a shopping mall.

My second day of work, a woman comes up to me: ''I can't find my daughter?''

Me: "What does she look like? Don't worry we'll put out a call for her."

Woman: ''She is 4 with blonde hair.''

So I walk her over to the service desk; kids going missing is bad. So we put out the call.

"Millie, can you find an adult who works here to come and take you to the front desk your mummy is looking for you."

No child appears, so all managers are paged to go look around the store for this girl, the mother is starting to get hysterical.
Still no after another call, we've got someone reviewing footage now and someone is going around the other shops, we ask if she liked any other shops.

Woman: ''No, I told her to stay in here while I got my foils in my hair done''.

Right. She'd left her 4 year old in a supermarket while she got her hair done. We sell food, not babysitting services lady!

Anyway my manager alerts the security staff for the whole place and got more people to go to each store asking if they'd seen the little girl.

Luckily we found her after a while, she was in a pet shop looking at some fish.

Hopefully this woman learned her lesson about leaving little kid alone in store while she gets her hair done.





Woman: ''No, I told her to stay in here while I got my foils in my hair done''.

I'd have reported her to CPS. On the spot, in front of her.

"Hopefully this woman learned her lesson about leaving little kid alone in store while she gets her hair done."

Since there were no negative consequences (I'll bet you she enjoyed the attention), why would she learn to act differently.


I agree the police should have been called. That is child endangerment and abandonment.


Probably she blamed the market for not being attentive of her kid... and the fishes for being too pretty for a 4yo kid....

Misty Meanor

Stupid is as stupid does!™


Call the police!
I can't agree more with the other posters here.


''She is 4 with blonde hair.''
Yes, thank you. I'm sure your special little snauflayke is so speical that this description helps everyone. How about also mentioning what color of clothes she's wearing next time? Cause I'm sure there will BE a next time, with you.

''No, I told her to stay in here while I got my foils in my hair done''.
You, Lady, need to get your ovaries punched!


Why are you being vicious to the child, Lightning? It's not the poor kid's fault that her mother is a neglectful moron with the common sense of the dead haddock. The child isn't a special snowflake, she's just young and with the attention span and self awareness of such.

In other news; this woman needs to be reported and if you didn't, OP, then you are as responsible for the child's continued endangerment as anyone else is. That might seem high and might of me but having had a near miss of my own which was purely an accident I can't comprehend anyone doing it deliberately.


Lightning wasn't 'being vicious to the child', it was the description of it, where mom says "It's some kid, you know."


Nope, not seeing that in the post, TT, just a very loose description. The special snowflake is usually saved for the idiots who think they crap sunshine and rainbows not a kid who has a moron for a mother.


Molly, I was referring to the mother describing her kid in a way that I couldn't tell it from any other 4 year old, blonde little girl. And, yes, indicating that mommy was probably thinking since it's HER child, of course just telling the age (which can mean nothing, considering some can look older or younger than their age) and haircolor would be enough to stand out from the rest of humanity.


I agree. Police need to be notified in these situations. That child could've been hurt or worse. I know some managers or supervisors will say no, you can't do that, but setting rules like that is in itself a violation of the law. If you are ever in that situation, any of you, please, PLEASE, call the police and force the parent to wait for their arrival. That way they can have a nice chat with "Mommy" or "Daddy" about childcare


It's also sad to me, that, knowing parents like that, the poor child probably got in trouble, even tho it was in no way her fault

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