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BADPARENTSFrom waddof, TalesFromRetail Comments

I work at a petstore and I had a lady leave a 6mos old baby at my register for 30 minutes while she mingled in the parking lot. 

The baby was in a carrier and she just left it counter!! I came back from my lunch break to see my confused manager standing beside a baby. Both of our reactions were the same: what the actual fuck?!

Well she'd come into the store for a minute and yell about a hamster, and go outside, come back in and look confused, then go back out. I think the mom was high out of her mind...

Luckily me and my manager are good people and we watched over her, but I could've been a crazy person or someone could have snatched her up! 

My manager called CPS on her after she left.

I just don't understand that; I would never expect a retail associate to watch my child! I don't know how many toddlers I have had to stop from wandering out the door into the parking lot or call a parents attention to their own child.





... then, after a few interviews, CPS only said to be more careful. The woman said she will, and left the place fuming as a crab in a pot against the employees at the pet store and determined to call corporate on them....

While leaving her kid once again, to be watched by some random stranger...


Why call after she leaves? Was the manager really that concerned he might miss out on a sell if the lady is arrested for abandonment before she's done getting high in the parking lot?


I would've called after 5 minutes.


As would I, shutterbug. I've also seen toddlers get away from their parents and break for the parking lot in various stores, always scares the crap out of me, and I always intercept the kid. It's reflex, more so since I became a parent

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