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BADPARENTSFrom SmilyRedhead, TalesFromRetail Comments

When I worked as a "mall cop," we were handed a five year old boy by an elderly lady. The boy had lost his mother and had been crying, so she brought him to us.

We got on the PA system, announcing him every ten minutes. After half an hour we called the number for cops, that dealt with child related stuffs, but were told that it would be at least an hour before they could send anyone.

About 50 minutes after we had started announcing him, the mother shows up.

I was quite angry, so I told her that we had been making the announcement for almost an hour.

Her answer: "Yeah, I heard. But I wasn't done shopping yet."

I took her name and passed it on to the police, but I doubt anything came out of it.





"Yeah, I heard. But I wasn't done shopping yet."
Please, lie down on the floor right here, so we can perform a hysterectomy - just to make sure you don't reproduce MORE. Your current child will be taken away.

Misty Meanor

"Yeah, I heard. But I wasn't done shopping yet."

Cue epic facedesk. Seriously, your shopping is more important than your little child? What the fuck is wrong with you?!


"Can you provide legal proof that this is your child? No? Then we'll wait for the police and let them sort this out--I can't just turn a child over to anyone who shows up and claims to be the mom. I find it hard to believe that a child's mother would leave him abandoned and crying for so long."


This "mother" certainly had her head up her butt! It's like she has no clue about kidnappings! In 1981 John Walsh of "America's Most Wanted" fame's wife Reve took their son Adam shopping. Adam wanted to look at the toys and Reve wanted to look at lamps. She told him she wouldn't be far from him and for him to stay in the toy department. In the time it took her to look at lamps and then to fetch him, Adam disappeared. Someone had snatched him. A month or so later, 6-year-old Adam's remains were found in a small body of water. What made this scary is how close Reve was to her and John's son and he was abducted! In 1981 children were allowed free reign to run around, while in 2016 parents get in trouble if their kids play by themselves in the front yard!

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