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Carolanne sloshedFrom RHUer

... Last year, they put out our Christmas stuff a few days before my birthday (October 28th). I was SO confused when I walked through the doors. Where oh where had the Halloween stuff gone?

I walked up to my manager and asked them, "What happened to Halloween?"

Manager: "We passed it, remember?"

Me: "No... because then I'd be 18..."

Manager shrugs it off. "Well now it's Christmas. All the Halloween stuff is clearanced."

Me: "But... but Halloween isn't for another few days!"

Manager: "And we need to sell it off to make room for Christmas."

Me: *cries* "It's not even the end October yet!"

Manager: "Oh stop. We've been getting Christmas stuff since the beginning of September."

God, I hate retail schedules...





It does have a way of ruining Christmas. Just read, that was sad. I even started a typepad account to tell you that. Independent Booksellers Rule! Anyway, best of luck to you.


Around here Christmas and Halloween stuff started showing up within a week of each other. In August.

I agree completely on how ridiculous is is, and don't do Christmas, as all, because of it.

But September is when the Christmas stuff starts selling, and by the second week of December, it's marked down - a lot - to get rid of what's left, because people won't pay full price at that point.

(My employer sells about a million dollars - literally - worth of Christmas decorations every year. We start getting it in around Labor Day, and start setting the displays shortly thereafter. Halloween gets maybe 5-10% as much shelf space, and is marked by the middle of October. Thanksgiving gets a lot ss than that.)

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