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From Hiedi: 

Sweet Baby Jesus. I walked into a hardware store this morning to pick up some some light fixtures for my bosses office renovation project and I had to ask where are the non Christmas themed light bulbs and they looked at me like I had a 2 headed foaming snake snake coming out of my chest.  Then the grocery store (grocery outlet) by my house has Christmas stuff up....and the walmart in my town...Christmas stuff.  Its.  Not.  Halloween.  Yet.  Did I miss something?


Christmas creep just seems to be getting to me this year.  Maybe it's the stress of my upcoming Washington State Physician Assistant Certification Testing the week after Thanksgiving.  Maybe it's my PA-C final exams the week of Thanksgiving.  Or maybe it's me being there for my boss and his kids as they celebrate the 2nd Christmas with his husband and it's hitting him and his kids really hard this year that this is the 2nd Christmas since he passed and he's needing the support of his friends and coworkers more than ever.



I guess the older I get the more Christmas Creep Bothers me.









Tech Support Survivor

I cried a bit when I saw a true Christmas commercial last night.


It's called retail seasons; they're fucked up.
Fortunately, have not seen a single Christmas-themed ad yet.


Lightning, you're lucky. I've seen tons of ads already. The only store this is acceptable at is Hobby Lobby. Because they have Christmas stuff out year round.

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