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Jason oopsFrom Majuba

A young female friend of mine is being sexually harassed by a guy at her workplace. "K" works as a sales assistant at an auto-parts store, part of franchise.

Sadly she's caught the eye of the company owner's son (not the store manager, the guy that owns the brand). The son, let's call him Junior, apparently uses daddy's stores as his personal "hunting ground" ... he's got quite a reputation for it. Bear in mind that Junior is in his 30's, married and has a couple of young kids.

K is 18, sweet kid but a little naive.

He's done everything from straight out asking for sex, texting her, sending pics of his 'equipment,' turning up at her social/sporting events and even turning up to her house.

She's really freaked. I've been trying to encourage her to make a complaint and to check her legal options (ie. unfair dismissal if she complains and he manages to swing the favour to him)... but so far she's too intimidated.





Go. To the. Police. Especially if she still has the pictures of his 'equipment', go to the police and give them over as physical proof that this man is committing the crimes of STALKING and SEXUAL HARASSMENT. (Thankfully, the stalking laws have been advanced and are not of the lines of "you need to have been injured, before we can do anything")

No need to even complain to daddy dearest, who either doesn't know or doesn't care.
This is not a 'work' issue anymore; this guy is infiltrating her private life and that is much more important to keep safe than 'just' her job. And if she gets fired over this? File for unemployment AND sue the owner for un... unlawful termination?


Sexual harassment is not a crime, it's a civil offense. And if she's too intimidated to complain, it's very likely not the level of criminal stalking, either. Though the police might well have some helpful advice on how to proceed, but form the description here, there's nothing they can (or will) do. So long as she's unwilling to complain, she's consenting to the behavior.

Personally, I'd forward the picture of his junk to his wife, with a (faux) innocent comment of "I think this was meant for you." Five minutes after I accepted a new job offer. (And if she's in a single party consent state, perhaps start secretly recording the conversations, because juries love that shit when it comes time to award punitive damages.)


Keeping quiet is what lets men like this continue to find new victims and keep up the bad behavior. What she should do is consult a labor attorney. Many will do a free consultation to see if a case exists. Even if she doesn't press charges, the lawyer can advice her on her different options, and help her create a cease and desist letter to mail to both the offender and his father. This will also provide an official document trail if there is any kind of retaliation at work, or if the harassment escalates. It might also give other women the courage to speak up and get that creep away from the stores.

Tech Support Survivor

Police, lawyer, any sort of employees rights group. This is trouble waiting to happen.


I agree with LadyBelle and Tech Support Survivor.

Majuba, please keep encouraging your co-worker to stand up for herself, she can't let this creep get away with what he is doing. The next girl might be subjected to far worse behavior.

Misty Meanor

If she can't stand up for herself, offer to be there with her to back her up.


Pretty much all that I could have said was already covered, so I'm gonna add print the photos in poster size and hang them everywhere on the store with a text saying "Try our new (Family's last name) hand brake"...
Pretty sure it would STOP the son to do that shit... ok guys don't kick me I lave for myself....


Herpetarium, that would actually put her ass on the fire. Misuse of his image and stuff like that. (Though if they get the judge who said ejaculation is a 'gift', she might get off free for saying the pics were a gift to her and she, hence, has a right to do with it what she wants)


Regardless of whether this is civil or criminal, it's still harassment. Get a restraining or protective order against his sorry butt. This could cause problems with her job, but it's unlikely, because the owners and managers have a duty to provide a safe and comfortable working environment. If you get fired, that's a lawsuit. And save the pictures, as well as your comments telling him to stop and that this is unwanted and undesired. Most lawyers will take that case on a commission or whatever they call it where they get paid when you win the case


Didn't felt it was needed to say not to take my comment seriously. On a serious note, she has enough proof to proceed legally without retalliation, if she has home cameras even better... and even if she gets fired, she could land a job on any place where it'll be way better and safer than her current job.


Herp, if he's already heading to her home, I doubt heading to any new job she lands would deter him.


That's why I said in case she gets fired for proceeding legally against him, at least she would get help and support from coworkers (or who knows, someone to scare the shit out of the creeper, but that's being too optimistic)... I mean, I guess we could tell her to get a gun and use it if the creep enters her home uninvited, but first it's better to follow up all the other suggestions, get a lawyer, proofs, restraining orders and everything to make the asshole pay for being an asshole (no idea what the law could dictate and how far this can go if the other victims wish to speak).


I would add my two cents. First, you need to be there for your friend. Secondly, you need to remind her that its not her fault. None of it is. Its all him being scum. Third, she is strong enough to stand up to this and the rat bastard. Fourth, she is not alone, there sounds like a whole choir who can potentially join her and further there will be more if nobody stands up.

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