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Creepy custyFrom RHUer

Elderly Middle Eastern Man walks in and looks me in the eye.

Me: "Hello there sir, how are you doing today?"

Him: "Oh my gosh, when I grow up I'm gonnna be just like you, a smiling young gentlemen ready to help and old man like me!"

Me: "What can I get for you today?"

Him: "I'm gonna be just like you!"

Me with a twitching smile: "Sir?"

Him: "You're going to reload this card. You're going to get me a short pike. Then you're going to tell me my balance."

Me: "Sure thing! How much should I put on your card?"

Him: "I'm gonna be just like you! You're going to reload this card with $5. You're going to get me a short pike. Then you're going to tell me my balance."

(At this point smilesy cheersy time was over and I wanted the fucker out of there.)

I continue to do as he asks and he repeats his same old condescending, "I'm gonna be just like you!" shit, and eventually he leaves, but not without another "I'm gonna be just like you" as he heads out there door.

I couldn't tell whether he was legitimately being a condescending asshole the entire time or just mentally ill, but whatever the case, I got tons of tips after customers saw me having to deal with him.





I don't think this would go under creepy custies. It's certainly a weird thing to happen, but weird is not the same thing as creepy.

Misty Meanor

Reminds me of a recent customer who had trouble hearing and needed me to speak up, then was constantly saying, 'Why you yelling?' while grinning.


Weird, bizarre indeed, not creepy. Maybe language barrier, or lack of understanding between what he says and what he means.
Let's hope at best he just tried to be all cool and jokingly but failed...


Actually, Herpetarium might have a point. For a while, there was a brief fad of saying 'When I grow up' and then adding something on either in front or before. Like when Iron Man 2 (I think?) came out with its Black Widow character, I remember seeing a lot of 'Black Widow is who I wanna be when I grow up' or 'I wanna be Black Widow when I grow up', etc. And a lot of the people saying it were mostly in their 20's, so maybe this guy was just trying to be cool and just over-used an old fad?


I find it creepy, sorry to go against the grain. I get the overly friendly, while not trying to chat me up, people a lot at my place and they always leave me feeling like I need to shower in bleach after.

You have to be there to really know what it feels like because retelling just leaves people going "aww they're just friendly."

They're not, they're creepy as hell, the kind of creepy that doesn't involve sex, just your parts in a trophy box.

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