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In my last year of university I worked at a sports bar, which was a lot of fun - great atmosphere, relaxed, easy job, decent money, and an AWESOME management team that I was very appreciative of (and vocal about my appreciation).

I was told on my first day that we are not to tolerate abusive or aggressive behaviour and that if a customer touches us, we are expected to leave the table immediately and get a manager or supervisor. It was made abundantly clear that these were not suggestions, but RULES, and that management takes that kind of thing seriously. I thought, OK that's good, but I doubted they actually cared that much.

Well, I was proved wrong one shift when I had a table of men in their fifties in my section that I found obnoxious and creepy and who were drinking quite a lot. A few off hand comments were made that I just sort of rolled my eyes at and ignored. Then one of them intentionally dropped a fork on the floor and asked me to pick it up, so I did and when I was bent over he groped my ass and said, "Yep - as firm as it looks!"

Caught off guard, I jumped up and made a little "yelp" type of sound. They all laughed and I was fucking livid.

I walked away immediately to approach my manager, but he met me halfway, as he had seen it happen. He told me I could go out for a smoke if I wanted and he'd take care of the situation, and also promised that my tip wouldn't be affected.

Awesome managersWell, to be honest I was curious to see how he would handle it, so I stood by the bar and watched as he walked up to the table, bill in hand and a portable credit/debit machine (I guess he'd printed it when he saw what happened, intending to go over there whether I said anything or not) and told the guys it was time to pay up because they had to leave.

They tried to put up a fight, but he was having none of it and launched into a red-faced tirade about how he had no patience for these types of ass holes and his employees deserve to be treated with respect, that they can't just run around acting like a bunch of animals and expect to get away with it, etc. He took the guy's credit card and swiped it, told him to put in his PIN and then took the machine back before it got to the tip screen.

The guy was like, "What the fuck? I'm not done yet!"

My manager just laughed and said, "Yeah, well I'm making sure my girl gets her tip." He rang through a 25% tip, handed the guy the receipt and said they have to leave immediately and were not allowed to come back.

That guy was awesome :)





"Yep - as firm as it looks!"
*stabs fork into guy's eye*

Taking a tip out seems kinda dumb. I mean, the guys were being chucked out for not keeping their hands to themselves, that's good enough.


Nah make them pay up too. I like this manager.

Misty Meanor

I like this guy too. They'd probably refuse her a tip for being kicked out, so he's making sure she gets a tip. Good guy!


I wish the customer had called the cops. Regardless of the crime he committed, the manager isn't any better if he's going to blackmail money out of a customer.


I like this manager too. Bet those guys had a second thought the next time they thought about grabbing a server. The server was going to be taxed as though she got a tip, even if she didn't get one, plus she deserved it for putting up with their crap. She would have been committing the crime if she had stabbed the guy with a fork.


Then why didn't she do what my mom did when some Italian grabbed her ass at the Wiesn? She turned towards him and yelled, "GET YOUR FUCKING FINGERS OFF MY FUCKING ASS!" and scared him so much, he walked backwards into the men's toilet. Causes a scene, humiliates the guy and (hopefully) teaches him beyond doubt to not touch someone without permission again.


Because when you are new and told the managers have your back in situations like that you don't believe it. Too many times I've been told something would not be allowed and the management have been very vocal about it. Until the time it does happen and they fold like a bad suit.

In many cases if you stand up for yourself you suddenly get management intervening and bending over backwards to the customer and giving them free stuff left, right and centre to accommodate their being called out for being an arsehole. This is a rare occurrence where a manager is actually true to his word and supportive of his staff.

I wish it were otherwise but the former is far more common than the latter.

THAT is why she didn't do what your mother did.


StormofDarkness I wish the customer had called the cops too. That way they could take him off in handcuffs for sexually assaulting the woman. They aren't going to give a shit about his tip.


Molly, in such a case, if manager crumbles, you start chewing him out in front of the customers and then go to HR and say that you are not provided with a safe work environment because of the manager. Start a fire!


"Officer, he stole money from me after I sexually assaulted the girl" doesn't sounds like a good idea. Also, not everybody has the courage to stand up in a public way, many people (and you have seen here) are rather non-confrontational and would rather suck it up than point the finger for fear of retalliation/losing the job/they don't mind/think about speaking up hours later. Also not sure if restaurants have HR...

But as long as management has your back like here, awesome place!


Lightning, what world do you live in? Really? Chew out a senior member of staff in front of customers? How do you think that would work?

Some people desperately need jobs, they hate rocking the boat and also are sometimes scared of the consequences of arguing with management. You blithely saying they chew out the boss in front of the public is just as dangerous as letting sexual predators get away with abuse. It has to be handled in the right way.


Molly, gotta agree with everything you said. You chew out sr staff in front of customers, you're out of a job. You MIGHT be able to file suit, but it comes down to word v word, with you chewing them out on camera. Probably won't end well, as far as calling the cops, go for it! Lots of places have mandatory gratuity policies, and sexual harassment is a lot more serious anyway

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