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I work in a sports bar, and I can deal with guys getting exceptionally creepy. What I can't handle, is after giving a group of guys great service (shut up perv, I mean never letting their beers run dry, pouring out glasses from their pitchers, taking pictures of them, cracking dirty jokes etc), and they leave me like a 15% tip but outright tell me, "This is for your mini skirt rawr" or "only cause your blonde."

I'm 5'9" so all skirts are miniskirts, have never dyed my hair and am on the Dean's List at my university. Thanks for letting me know that next time I can be a shitty worker and I'll make the same amount of money because of my ass.

The way I see it is that no matter how highly I achieve, I'm still evaluated first and foremost for my looks. It's unnerving that those with PhD's, who are generally highly successful at life by hard work are regarded in the same sphere as a hot chick with good genes.





Sorry that the retrogressive fuck-ups are getting you down.
Just do you, provide excellent service, and tell them to sit and spin.

Eddy Cator

Sadly, to some it wouldn't matter how many degrees, accolades or times MENSA has called begging you to become their President For Life, as a woman if you're not "fuckable", you're worthless. And that's deplorable. It's even worse when men tell you they're tipping you for being pretty, as if it's some kind of compliment.

Ugh. Women, you are better off without us, seriously!


"The way I see it is that no matter how highly I achieve, I'm still evaluated first and foremost for my looks."
Congratulations, I believe you solved the biggest mystery of the universe...

"only cause your blonde"
Lie and tell them it's dyed?


This is kind of like working at a water park and complaining about getting wet. All the wannabe Hooters have pretty waitresses for the purpose of getting idiots to come in and eat their lousy food and drink beer. It shouldn't be surprising that when your uniform consists of tiny shorts and a push up bra, that you're there as eye candy, not a lecturer in physics.


TBF I agree with TechTyger, it isn't like a sports bar is the place were you go meet some intellectually challenging and interesting. You may find someone who shares some interests, but it's not like you'll get a tip from clients because of your "vast knowledge about the different tensions that different building materials can handle when building a bridge between 2 european coastlines".

That of course doesn't justifies the "only because of your skirt/hair/breast" comments, but it's kinda unrealistic to expect a tip from something else besides looks and service (I also agree a higher tip based on quality service would be nice)


TechTyger, exactly. As long as people will pay for sexy attire, it will be the reason for it existing. My mom told me that, when she was working to pay for college, she sold cigarettes to men. And she made sure to wear a nice, tight dirndl that made her boobs very noticeable - and yes, it helped sell cigarettes while walking 8 hours a day. She saw nothing wrong with it; if anything, it more said something about the men that were buying the cigarettes.
If it helps you get the dough, why not make use of it? Doesn't mean you lose self-respect or so.


(looks up dirndl, which looks like it's missing some voewls) Ah, so... those are the 'Hi, I'm Kitty, and THESE are my breasts!" dresses I like at ren faires. :D

There's nothing wrong with doing the job, people are willing to pay someone to do it, and it doesn't make someone less of a person for doing it... but know what you're getting into.


Some days it really seems like I am the only guy that doesn't do shit like this. Maybe my parents raised me right or something...

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