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CreepycustyFrom Emancipated, For Now

My worst stalker found me when I worked in the bakery of a grocery store. I told him no, even showed him the ring on the significant finger of my left hand, but it didn't deter him in the slightest.

I lived across the street and usually walked to work. Unfortunately, he lived in the same apartment complex and it didn't take him long to spot me both at home and at work. I usually closed, sometimes by myself... those were some loooong walks home some nights, super-jumpy and looking over my shoulder every two seconds.

At least in the store I could dash into the walk-in cooler if I saw him coming, and let my coworker wait on him.

My friend wasn't so lucky. She was closing alone one night at a store in a not-great part of town, and someone came in and robbed the place. Took her just-cashed paycheck right out of her purse, too.

The completely heartless company didn't care in the slightest. They didn't stop scheduling her to close alone, either, and since she needed the money to feed her daughter, she didn't quit. The next armed "customer" to burst in the store late at night raped her. Never caught the fucker.

She quit after that, but I still think she should have at least sued the crap outta that place for knowingly endangering an employee.

--Emancipated, For Now



Misty Meanor

Maybe she was too afraid to sue the store?


Chances are that, indeed she was afraid, and friends and family should have supported her so she got the courage to sue the shit out of the store. Being on a dangerous situation because of unrelated conditions is one thing, but willingly letting an employee to be always on a dangerous situation knowing what happened before should be illegal in more than one lawcode and there's no way to shift the fault at her.

Hopefully she realizes the wrongdoing of the company and can somehow teach them a lesson.


She should have said something earlier with three words that make any employer cringe: Unsafe Work Environment. She'd have more than two legs to stand on for it.

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