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Creepy People Hell: Pre-Teen Spankings And A Bare Bottomed Toddler


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Well, this happened a few days ago and I'm still

This is a bit of a two-fer. 

In the first bit, a guy and two kids (one girl and one boy) come up to the customer service desk and at first it all seems well. Then, for some reason I missed because I got distracted trying to find this guy's requested cigarettes, the guy starts sharply patting the girl's bottom while teasingly asking her if she's asking for a spanking. Now I'm horrible at reading ages, but this guy is old enough to either be her father or maybe even her grandfather and she looks barely preteens to me.

But she's laughing and kind of wiggling her butt at him and the boy keeps diving in to swat at the guy in a more or less playful manner so I don't say anything. What made it all even more uncomfortable though was when the guy finally stopped doing it to pay for his cigarettes and lotto, he suddenly flipped his switch and demanded that I tell the kids about how they have to work hard to get their schooling and go to college so they can get good jobs. 

I say nothing and it clearly pisses him off but thankfully all he does is storm off with the kids in tow with a parting shot of 'I'll see you tomorrow.' He either never came in the following day or he did before my shift.

Then, just about two days ago, I'm on register and I'm right by one of our entrances so I basically see more or less who's coming in through that door. Well, at one point I see a family come in, mom and dad and two kids. Normal, no problem. Until the mom pulls a buggy out and sits their toddler inside and I'm staring straight on at naked baby genitalia.

I immediately tell the mom that their daughter can't be in here without something on her bottom and the mom's response? "She's potty-trained."

She's potty-trained. 

She's potty-trained.

She's potty-trained and with all the lack of shame of a maybe two year old is sitting with her little legs spread wide enough that anyone passing by is catching an unwanted full eye full (or most horrifically, a *desired* full eye full) and please remember, I work in a grocery store. A grocery store that she wants to take a bare-bottomed toddler into. 

I repeat that she can't be in here without something on and the mom gets visibly very pissed at me and drags her daughter roughly out of the buggy and takes her out into the entry way. She has a conversation with her husband, which I can't hear most of, but eventually he takes their older child to the bathrooms and I assume they leave after that. I was more keeping an eye out for the mom to make sure she didn't try to power-walk through with her half-naked baby again. 

Now, if the mom had mentioned something like, "I just need a diaper" or if she'd just taken her daughter straight to the bathroom with a diaper bag, I probably wouldn't have said anything and might have even helped her out. We're right by a beach, there's like over a hundred reasons for why the girl had no bottoms on. But no. The mom full on wanted to grocery shop with a bare butt toddler in a store full of food and possible perverts.

 Luckily one of my managers also witnessed this, but unfortunately didn't speak up at the time because she mistakenly assumed that no one would be that fuck-awful stupid. I don't blame her, because I didn't want to believe it either but I sought that manager out afterwards to let her know that yes, they did try to bring a bare butt toddler into the store. And (un)fortunately, when the family came in, they had to go right by one of our security cameras so we do have footage if the mom tries to make a formal complaint about it.

But what makes this all worse? 

This is the *second* fucking time it's happened while I've worked at the store. 

That I know of at least. 




Misty Meanor

My sympathies.


"they have to work hard to get their schooling and go to college so they can get good jobs"
Dude, going to college doesn't guarantee you a good job. Ask most of the retail employees, there's a huge chance that the college-aged ones are in college or have graduated. They have to work here because of loans or because society is stupid and demands them to have physical experience worth 10 years in the job they just spent 4+ years studying for.

"I'm staring straight on at naked baby genitalia"
Turn up your pedo-creep voice at the mom. Hey there, mom. Nice baby, I can see she got a nice little vag - probably inherited it from you. Look at that beautiful, fresh pink color. Mm~mhh, lovely, lovely.
Scare the crap out of her. I can understand if the baby had a diaper rash and the lack of anything was to give her skin a break... or if she wore a long piece of clothing that covered it. But just nothing?


"Turn up your pedo-creep voice at the mom. Hey there, mom. Nice baby, I can see she got a nice little vag - probably inherited it from you. Look at that beautiful, fresh pink color. Mm~mhh, lovely, lovely."


Fuck no.

Hell no.


Lightning, I agree with you about college not guaranteeing a job you studied for. I studied medical coding and did quite well with the classes except for the last class. Then my funding ran out and I am back to cashiering which is not so bad at all except around Black Thursday and Friday! As for the naked baby, well don't scare the mom. I hope she learns to dress her baby up even if she puts Dr. Denton's (blanket sleeper) on the kid or a princess dress. This naked kid reminds me of the story from Japan about the Japanese mom and her 2 yo daughter who wore nothing but a pair of shoes on their shopping trip.


BH, that woman was Chinese.


@Lightning Yeah, no, no pedo-voice. If nothing else, that would have allowed her to claim I escalated the situation, which could have cost me my job.

But yeah, literally nothing on. The girl had a little sweater on, but it ended right at her hips and was too small to pull down.

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