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From unicornlvr, Tales From Retail:

I work at a small gift shop in the north east. Beautiful foliage which means bus tours which means some awfully mean older folks. This woman was YELLING across the store to me whenever she had a question.

She will be crabby customer (Cc) and I'll be Employee (Em)

Cc: Do you have these Santa figurines in boxes??!

Em: I may not have the box it came in but I'll certainly go get you a box!

Cc: I really don't have time for that...

Em: Okay that's fine! Let me take you to the registers so we can get you out of here quickly!

transaction is over I've wrapped her item up in some paper and it's in the bag

Cc: UM excuse me where is that girl getting my box?!

I'm super confused as she just told me she didn't have time for the box

Em: Oh, okay. I will go downstairs and get that box for you. Be right back!

I come back up with the box and I start taping, she then proceeds to yell at me for taping the box, so I hand her the box and the Santa thinking the transaction is over

Cc: Too bad you don't do any shipping here....

Em: We actually do shipping and I ship things everyday!

Cc: Is it free or is there a charge?

Em: Sorry there is a charge! But it's minimal

Cc: So I would have to pay?

Em: Yes you would!

Cc: First you say there isn't a charge and then you say there is need to get your story straight!







"First you say there isn't a charge and then you say there is one"
You need to clean your ears, she never said there WASN'T a charge.


Cue Santa figurine becoming a permanent part of her anatomy.

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