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Customer Kindness: Custy Buys Cart Pusher a Special Gift To Show Appreciation



From sweatycat, Tales From Retail:

I'm a cart pusher.

It's pretty cold tonight. I'm by myself and it was a pretty miserable night. A guy walked by saying that "You're the hardest worker at this store, I see you here all the time." I was flattered and said thank you, have a good night.

About an hour later the same guy comes back. He went to another store and bought me a present - a reflective yellow winter jacket. I was shocked, and nervous because I know I'm not supposed to accept a gift from a customer (I warned him of that) but decided, this guy probably just spent $30+ to get this for me. I thanked him, said thank you so much. I still can't believe I met such a nice guy. I asked him if he needed anything and he said no, this is for you, you deserve it.

Made my week. :)






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