Bad Parent: Don't Tell My Kid What To Do; OMG I'll Sue You!
Sinister Signage: Deadly Crocs



No, just, no.


isn't it technically a cheeseburger ?


Get rid of all the pickle/gherkin/whatever, and I'd be game.


You crazy Americans.

Sometimes, for all we Brits miss out a lot of new stuff, I'm glad I don't live there.


"Dr. Oetker
Dr. Oetker is a German company that produces baking powder, cake mixes, yogurts, frozen pizza, pudding, cake decoration, cornflakes and various other products. Wikipedia
Headquarters: Bielefeld, Germany"

Can we please not assume that everything stupid is American? Thanks.

Kai Lowell

To be fair, Dr. Oetker makes a lot of good stuff.

They also make a lot of CRAZY stuff.


Apologies, TT, but I'm still betting that that isn't sold in Germany or the UK but it is in the US. They might just have lost the plot.


Their page for it
is in German.
Here's a page in Dutch selling it, as far as I can tell.
That took me about ten seconds to find.

Calling the French cowardly would be bitched at (and incorrect).
Calling the German Nazis would be bitched at.
But 'lol murica' is perfectly fine... Yay for double standards.

Kai Lowell

Y'alright today, TT? This seems a little bit unlike you - crusties getting you down?


Not entirely, no... my tolerance for this sort of thing is at a low ebb...

Kai Lowell

*hugs* I know how that goes. My tolerance for shit is also kind of out the window these days thanks to the weather changing (which inevitably means great pain for me...)


I get enough "crazy American" complaining from my German husband and I, too, am developing a low tolerance for it.

Let's leave it at, that food's crazy! I wouldn't have even eaten it when I was a drunken college student 10+ years ago!

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