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From satanssecretary, Tales From Retail

I work at a store that offers body jewelry. We sell all kinds of plugs, tunnels and tapers for stretched ears.

An older man with only one hand and his wife came in one morning when the store was entirely dead. I was alone on the floor, fixing some clothes piles from the night before. I asked if I could help them, and they asked where our body jewelry was. I pointed them to the cases, and after a few minutes, I went over to check up on them.

The man wanted to see a pair of wooden plugs. I handed them to him. He then proceeded to tell me that he didn't know what size he was. I told him that was fine, we have a sizer. This is where the story turns awful.

He began to try to take out one of his plugs, but he couldn't do it with just one hand. I assumed his wife would help him, so I just waited. Her face turned sour.

"Help him. Help him! Can't you tell he's having trouble?"

I just looked at her to see if she was serious. The guy was still tugging on his massive ear hole, trying to get the plug out. The woman kept screaming.

"My hands are full! Help him! HELP HIM!"

Well, I hate to admit it, but the pressure got to me, and I gave in. I reached up, popped that sucker out, and measured it for him. It looked like he hadn't changed his plugs in years. There was a good decade's worth of smelly, white ear-piercing-gunk stuck on there that got all over my hands, the sizer, and the floor.

I sized it, and it turned out that he was in fact the size he'd picked. I told him, and he and his wife seemed happy. I figured that at least we'd get a sale from it. He put the plug back in and pointed to the package of new ones he picked out.

"Is that the price? 8 dollars?"

"No, that's the size, 5/8."

The actual price was somewhere around 20. Which, you guessed it, was too much for them. Without another word, he handed me the packet back and they booked it out of the store. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day crying and swimming in hand sanitizer.





That's when you politely point out that it would be a health and safety hazard without proper body substance isolation such as a mask/face shield and gloves.

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