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 Carmine, a red dye made of crushed-up South American insects, often lends its color to rosy lip and cheek cosmetics. (You’ll sometimes find it used to color foods, too.) Though some people are allergic to foods containing the dye, it’s rare to have a skin reaction to it, reports a 2011 study in Dermatitis. Even the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database rates the ingredient as a “low hazard.” Still, it may be a problem if you’re trying to avoid animal products or simply don’t want bugs in your cosmetics (we don’t blame you). In that case, choose rosy-hued products without carmine or cochineal extract in the ingredients.





Also, you should avoid eating foods with [gasp!] honey in them! Honey is bee puke! INSECT VOMIT IS IN YOUR FOOD!

McHell Manager

People don't want chemicals in their food. And now they don't want natural stuff in their food. Pick one!!

Kai Lowell

But McHell, natural stuff IS chemicals! It's a government CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!!11111111oneoneoneleven


Ban dihydrogen monoxide!


I heard that stuff is poisonous if you breathe that stuff in, TT.

(Glug, glug.)


And every single serial killer has used it within 48 hours of a murder!


Thousands of deaths have been attributed to it TT, were you aware? And thousands more who've used it and died not long after! ;)

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