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 Diatomaceous earth (DE) is one of the two components that make up dynamite. According to StyleCaster, due to its hollow and porous properties, DE makes a pretty good abrasive and is found in most mild exfoliators, natural toothpastes, deodorants and powders.




Kai Lowell

Diatomaceous earth is also very good for killing ants and fleas. It slices open their hard carapace so they dehydrate. Supposedly pet safe, but I have a cat who will eat literally anything and another one who licks her paws every time she walks over something out of the ordinary, so I won't use it near pets.

Tech Support Survivor

I've used that, and no trouble with my kitty. Had to be pet safe.


Ant killer uh? and pet friendly? Guess this site helped me with something !


Corn starch works as an ant killer/deterent too as it also dries them out.


Diatomaceous Earth amounts to the skeletons of free-swimming coral. Look up closeup pictures of it, they're strangely pretty. It's essentially sand with shapes that make it more abrasive than just beach sand, and the grains are partially hollow.

Dynamite is nitroglycerine soaked into an absorbent medium of some sort. It makes it more stable and less likely to go bang if you give it a dirty look.

Kai Lowell

Another ant remedy, if one doesn't have pets or curious kids, is to mix equal parts borax and powdered sugar and put it out in shallow bowls. The ants take it back to the nest where it kills, if not the entire colony, a decent portion thereof.

Diatomaceous earth ~is~ oddly pretty close up!


Diatomaceous earth is the shells of a family of amoebae (those tiny one-celled organisms that eat by sticking out pseudopods and engulfing things). Yes, some of them have shells. They're made of silica, not calcium carbonate like coral skeletons.

And diatomaceous earth is remarkably harmless to us mammals. Unless you do actually soak it in nitroglycerin, but most things are dangerous if you soak them in nitroglycerin!

(Sorry, ex-science teacher.)


I can't hear "diatomaceous earth" without thinking of the pilot episode of Bones...

Nanny McSpazz

DE is in some bedbug poisons too. Learned that from helping my boyfriend out at his dad's rental properties.


@Book Bitch
Yes! First thing I think of whenever I hear it too, lol.


Thanks everyone, you saved me a google.

You are a fascinating bunch.


I keep a huge box of it and spread it into my carpet to ward off the fleas my cat tends to attract. It's food grade so I also can transform my cat into "Ghost Cat" with a small coating. She'll take about 2 or 3 days to clean it off her fur. I usually only do this once or twice a year since it is tough on the vacuum and breathing it in isn't so good either.

It is also good for killing the termites that are slowly eating away my apartment.

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