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Horrifying Products: Inverted Nipple Suction Dream Charm Adjuster



Inverted nipples are something that can happen naturally or be caused by breastfeeding or general breast sag, among other things. (And it can happen to men too!) Well, here is one way to help "correct" your body, with this horrific lamprey-lookalike monstrosity that you just affix the appropriate attachment, and then turn on the suction and apply it to your nipple. Then turn it off, and then back on and off again for a few minutes, giving your nipple a chance to adjust. Three or fives minutes a session per day!




It looks like something they'd use at Guantanamo.


Just looks like a breast pump sans receptacle.

And pink. Why are these things always pink?


But didn't Christina Aguilera have that annoying song about how I'm beautiful in 'every single way'?

Kai Lowell

Are we certain this isn't for sexual wants?


Trick question, Kai. -Everything- is somebody's 'want'.


Rule 34, Kai.

Kai Lowell

True nuff...true nuff.

*brain bleach*

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