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Misty Meanor here, with more tales of woe from the world of Retail Hell.  In fact, let's make today a double-helping, shall we?
First off,
A few weeks ago I had just started my shift, and an older man came up to my register.  The moment I said hello to him, he said he couldn't hear well, and asked me to speak up.  So I spoke a little louder.  This went back and forth a couple more times until I got fairly loud.  Throughout the whole transaction, though, he kept saying things to me, and when I spoke back, I got to the point where I was literally yelling things.  This, however, was when things began to go downhill.
At some point, he started saying things like, "What are you yelling for?" and "Don't have to yell!" All the while he had a huge grin on his face. Even after explaining why, he still continued to do this to me.  I never so wanted to actually scream in my entire life, but I don't feel like losing my job either.  The moment he left, I just breathed a huge sigh of relief.  I understand if you have trouble hearing, but don't make it into a game like that!
Carolanne 070And now, from today,
A woman and her two children came in to buy some things, then they left.  Apparently, however, they forgot to buy some cough medicine.  So the daughter and her younger brother came in to buy it.  However, when I scanned one of the boxes, it prompted me for ID, as it's a policy that we can't sell certain medicines to minors.  So I asked for her ID and she gave me her learner's permit.  Unfortunately, she was just shy of 18 so I had to decline the sale.  She leaves with her brother, I think that's the end of it.
A few moments later, the woman comes back in and starts yelling at my co-worker next to me about how they just wanted to buy the medicine and we had no right to refuse the sale.  I brushed aside the fact she misgendered me, since I am still presenting as somewhat masculine, but my voice sounded feminine.  I tried to explain what happened but she snapped at me, "Was I talking to you? This ain't got nothing to do with you!" The co-worker ended up getting a supervisor to explain what happened, but the mother was having none of it.  Throughout the whole purchase she was snapping at the cashier about how her daughter was almost eighteen (this ain't horseshoes, honey!) and how we made things more inconvenient for her.
Bitch, please.  If I had done that I would've lost my job and been prosecuted! Whatever your problem is, I dunno, but don't take it out on me or my co-worker!
For now, may all your co-workers be understanding of the law and not deliberately testing your patience!
--Misty Meanor







"What are you yelling for?"

"Was I talking to you? This ain't got nothing to do with you!"
Since I was the one 'refusing the sale' to your kid, this totally has everything to do with me. Gotta say, it sounds off that you need to be 18 to buy certain medicine, but... well, guess it depends on what the medicine contains; so makes sense there.

"Bitch, please. If I had done that I would've lost my job and been prosecuted!"
Like people who think I should 'just this once' sell them an 18+ game when they aren't 18 yet. Bitch, no game in the world would be worth to lose my job over and get fined 50.000€. Not even if you bribe me with 20€.


Oh god I've had to deal with those 'louder' assholes. I shut one down though because it was the second time he came through my line and tried to start that 'game' and I went straight to my loud voice. Like, loud enough that one of my managers actually wandered over to see if there was a problem and apparently it embarrassed the asshole enough that he didn't go through with the rest of his 'game'.

The other one I just refused to serve. I don't know how else to explain it but he literally seemed to get too much enjoyment out of basically tricking women to yell at him. Seriously, way too much and I'm not getting paid enough to indulge in that kind of stuff for free.


For the 'louder' guys I would just write shit down and hand it over with a smile. They always got the most sour expression but they paid for their stuff and I never got in trouble.

Kai Lowell

"guess it depends on what the medicine contains"

NyQuil (a very popular cold medicine) contains alcohol. Some cold medicines also contain pseudoephedrine, which can be used to make meth, so you not only have to be over 18 to get that, you also have to show ID, have the purchase logged in a nationwide system, and cannot buy more than a very specific amount every thirty days.


"Throughout the whole purchase she was snapping at the cashier about how her daughter was almost eighteen (this ain't horseshoes, honey!) and how we made things more inconvenient for her."

"Ma'am, you're demanding that I commit a crime. If you do so again, our policy requires me to file a police report, and it will include a photo of your and your daughter from our security camera, and your license plate from the outside cameras. If you want to avoid this kind of inconvenience in the future, stop acting like an agent of the state conducting a sting operation."

Misty Meanor

What Kai Lowell said. Also, some cold medicines have alcohol in them, and kids use these medicines to get drunk.


As someone who has lost around 30% of their hearing, with a wee bit of tinnitus, and works around loud machines all day, I usually will go to my 130 decimal level voice when someone says they're having trouble hearing. It also helps to speak in a deeper tone since it sounds less like yelling and the high tones are usually the first to go for the hard of hearing.

If they are hard of hearing they appreciate it, just as I do when I ask someone to speak up. If they're trying to joke around, my very loud and deep voice embarrasses or frightening the hell out of them (I'm a petite woman so they don't expect the volume or the deep voice). I just don't have time or desire to joke around about my impending disability so I relish embarrassing people who do this.

Second place goes to the people who say "What?" when I tell them that I can't hear them so well and to speak up. Either I'll give them the death glare until they apologize or I'll tell them that I don't appreciate them making fun of me going deaf.


"Can you speak up? I can't hear you."
(pokes microphone to make noise like I did something, say in same voice) "Is this any better?"
"Yes, thanks."

Used to have one goober call AOhelL who always tried that. Ended up putting a note on the account saying he wants you to shout, don't.

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