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I worked behind a jewellery counter. Somebody asked me to take out a necklace to show him. I took it out and held it up for him to look. He pretty much vaulted over the counter, snatched it out of my hand and ran out before I could even process what happened.

My manager went crazy on me, claiming that I should have tackled him or something. (I'm a small girl. This guy was huge!)

I pointed out that during training I'd been told not to confront or chase down a thief for my own safety... boss got even madder!

I asked why he himself didn't chase the guy, to which he responded "Are you nuts?! That guy was massive!"

Necklace was only worth around £30. :|





This is why the jewelry is kept behind glass sheets, man. You can see them fine in there.

Tech Support Survivor

It's been my experience, that showing the piece of jewelry, even letting the perspective buyer try on the piece can help entice a sale. *cough*


"Hello, Ms. [Regional Manager]? Yes, I'm calling because I've gotten some unclear communications, and I want to be sure about the corporate policy on confronting thieves. Yes, I thought the manual was clear too, but my manager has been directing me to physically restrain a robber ...."

(In the USA and other English Common Law nations, snatching something from your hand is robbery. And also theft, of course.)


When someone wants to see an item of jewellery up close you are supposed to take it out of the cabinet, Lightning, it's good service to let the customer get a better look. It's in the cabinet to stop people stealing it, not to stop it being sold.


Molly, I worked at a jewelry store for a bit. Items were barely ever given into the customer's hands, unless we had our hands on them, too. We had specific 'tester' bracelets that we'd use to check sizes and explain how they function. It was rare we'd just hand a customer a piece of jewelry. Look all you want, but touching is rare.


No one was giving into his hands. It was brought out for a closer LOOK. No one handed the thug anything. Well done, Lightning, you win at comprehension.


Yeah, recall how looking is done with your eyes? Keep it behind the glass, period. He wants a closer look, then lean closer.


Dude, seriously. Read the story, particularly the 'vaulted over the counter' part. It's not like they handed it to him or dangled it in front of his face or something, he jumped over to get it.


Lightning, we understand that you used to work in a Jewelry store, many of us have worked with Jewelry - I did also. I also witnessed many similar theft situations in fine jewelry when I was acting store manager. Where you worked is not normal procedure for most Jewelry counters. There's no need to keep defending your stance. We get that it was your experience at that shop. And Techtyger is correct with what happened in the story: "He pretty much vaulted over the counter, snatched it out of my hand and ran out before I could even process what happened." It wasn't handed to him. We don't need to start a debate about whether or not fine jewelry should be kept in the counter and custys not allowed to look at it.

Tech Support Survivor

I would like to reiterate, in my main experience the sales person kept a hold of the bracelet, and it was just draped over my wrist. I was also about 15, and my dad was with me. The sales lady saw my eyes light up, and I know she was itching for a sale.

I wouldn't imagine anyone letting a piece of jewelry out of their grasp. Simply because it can be so valuable.

Dude in this case was just a dumb ass thief. Vaulting over a counter and taking off with a 30$ item? Either banking on it being low value enough to be written off easily, or too stupid to try for a 3000$ item. OF course I have no idea how price factors in to potential legal charges.

Sorry to ramble, I like rambling. Well, I'm good at it.

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