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Badge 666From: tashpotato

Long, long ago, before I moved across the other side of the world, I used to work in a small pharmacy in the North-East of England; in Teesside to be precise.

I've worked in pharmacy for years and have always enjoyed it apart from this store. The manager was a bully and the workload for myself, on my own was unrealistic. It was in a rough area and not to mention that it was a chemist that provided methadone (heroin replacement) so we got all the rough customers.

I was the shop supervisor. What I didn't like so much was that although we had CCTV in the store, if someone was shoplifting we had to apprehend them ourselves, which I thought would be a health and safety risk. Unfortunately the company were just money hungry idiots and would rather a staff member got hurt than to pay for security. :(

One day, I'm serving an old dear with her prescription meds, and she leans forward, whilst pointing a bony old finger to a scruffy looking girl browsing the makeup stand and ever so quietly says "That dodgy girl is stealing makeup, I've been watching her!"

Well, as uncomfortable as I felt with the situation, especially as she was a BIG girl, I had to approach her. I signaled to the manager who was dispensing a prescription at the time and approached the girl. Now usually in these situations I like to be friendly and give my customers the benefit of the doubt. I'll call her BG for Big Girl.

Me: "Hi there! Is there anything I can help you with today?"

BG: "No, Should there be?"

Me: "Not at all, just I noticed you've been browsing the shop for a while and I wondered if you were looking for something in particular that I could help you find?"

At this point I glance down and see her bag is open and full of stolen items... Hairspray, shampoo, makeup, perfume (I know it's stolen from me as I could see my shops sticky price tags on them)

She sees that I see what is in her bag and she backs away towards the doorway.

Me: "Would you mind if I have a quick look in your bag?"


Carolanne trooperMe: "It's a legal requirement that if a store has a notice up like we do, that we do have the right to search a customers bag. If you've got nothing to hide, it shouldn't matter."

BG bolts for the door, but my manager was already stood there waiting for her, BG is trying to pry the door open enough to fit her big ass through it but my manager has hold of her bag and a tug of war entails.


BG is out of the door now, I'm on the outside with her and my manager is still inside the store still pulling on the bag. BG Pushes all her weight onto the door which slams on my managers wrist. I could see she was in pain, then BG swings for me, and barely grazes my cheek with her chubby fist. Now I hate fighting but no-one will try to punch me and get away with it. I have two older brothers so I grew up knowing how to fight back... So I did... I laid a punch right on her nose.

As this was happening we were on the street side of the shop door, people were watching. As I hit her back, square on her nose, her nose literally exploded. BLOOD EVERYWHERE.

At this time my manager managed to pull the bag back from the girl.

Unfortunately though, also at the same time a police car was driving past, I can only imagine the scene he saw, two girls in uniforms tugging a bag from a girl then the girl being punched right in the face.

The policeman stopped the car right there and ran over, pulled me away from BG, BG was shouting, "ARREST THE F!!KING B!TCH FOR ASSAULT!!"

The onlookers and customers got involved and started crowding around telling the policeman what really happened and that the girl was stealing and hit me first and slammed my managers wrist in the door and we all went into the consultation room where we had the CCTV monitor.

While I was finding the correct footage the police started questioning BG; "So what's all this doing in your bag?"

She claimed she had bought it all from another chemist down the road, to which I said, "Funny they must have changed their name to *name of my store* as that's what the price stickers say."

She kept trying to get me into trouble but the police, luckily were having none of it. I was lucky we had the CCTV and customers present as he did admit when he first saw the incident it looked like I was trying to run off with her bag.

We had a follow up call the next day and policeman told me it turned out that she had just gotten out of prison the previous week and was headed back there.





But....but.....but..., you can't leave us hanging like this! Who was her Dad?


Speak American, I have no idea what you're saying. Also, I know who your dad is. A moron who raised a stinkin' thief like you.

Misty Meanor


Unless he's a good lawyer, I don't give a fuck!


I think this is a UK story, and I'm pretty sure she was threatening the staff with who her dad is. Usually that means the local bully-boy, wannabe crime lord. Which in more realistic terms is a fat, over-the-hill thug who likes to use his size to intimidate his way through life and lies about what he's really done to his kids who think he's the next Ronnie Kray.

Believe me, if he really was that high up in crime, he NEVER says a word about it.

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