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TargetmonsterFrom Sub Shop Slave

I knew someone who tried to steal from the library I worked at. They thought the barcode (and not the safety sensor tag hidden under that little envelope for the due-date card) was what made the alarm go off, so they cut the barcode off.

Long story short, they were caught and had to pay to replace the book they damaged, as well as pay to purchase the book.

Then there was the Bullseye. The Bullseye was bullSHIT on security.

I used to know a woman who worked security there, and she told me that about 70% of the security cameras in the store were fake! Not only that, the only things in the entire store with security tags were clothing and expensive electronics. Even then, she was always finding the tags in the bathrooms or down aisles.

They had somebody walk into an area that wasn't covered by a real security camera (not difficult, obviously), cut off a bunch of those security spider things, and walk out with a friggin cartload of electronics. Over a thousand dollars walked out the door, and because there were so few cameras, that the story had to be pieced together via a pile of security spiders and the deductive reasoning of, "Yep, these were cut with wire cutters or something."

No cameras at the exits, so we couldn't even figure out who potentially had done it.

Store Manager's response? "Meh, damage it out."

--Sub Shop Slave



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