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Jason 034From Kelek72, TalesFromRetail

So this just happened this morning... I was opening the store and my cashier had just jumped on the cash register to ring up the workers from the next store over for their drinks.

As the group was leaving, one lady swiped the newspaper bundle that we hadn't yet unwrapped and walked out the door.

A few minutes later a customer came in who always buys a paper so I went to make sure we had them ready. I questioned the cashier about where they went and then reviewed the video, only to see our neighbor (aka employee from the business next door) stealing them!

I went next door and asked another lady to please ask the person who stole my papers to bring them back. A few minutes later the thief walks in with an attitude like it's my fault she stole:

Thief: "Ok? Is this alright?" as she puts the papers back on the counter.

I had another customer so I just said yes and ignored her as she left.

Her supervisor came in and talked to me, so I'm sure she's about to get what she deserves. I'm worried though that she'll retaliate....




Misty Meanor

I really hope she gets disciplined for what she did. I'd suggest either a write-up or suspension.


I'd suggest criminal charges--firing at the least.

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