Hellspawn And Bad Parents: Piggy Little Teenagers
Halloween Store Hell with Bad Parents



Pretty standard Prop 65 warning. You see them everywhere. Literally *everywhere*. Because just about *everything* requires them. Organic peanut butter, no preservatives added, requires a Prop 65 warning. By all rights, every road into the state should have one, because the air contains things known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Because, you see, there's no lower threshold. It's not "this item contains something _in sufficient quantities_ that it's associated with cancer." If _anything_ that has _ever_ been remotely suspected of causing cancer _in any amount_ or under _any circumstances_ is present _in any quantity_, you have to have a Prop 65 warning.

California has the second stupidest government in the United States, after Missouri.


Do they label water bottles with this? Plastic ones especially.


Warning, there's dangerous chemicals afoot but we're not going to tell you what they are or where they are found/used to be able to avoid them!


Book boy, you -can't- avoid them...Like Goober says, EVERYTHING gets this label...

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