Bad Parents: "Now Stay Here... Mommy Needs To Get Her Hair Done"
Office Supply Store Hell: "I Need a Good Mouse That Can Handle Filing Lots of Emails"



I really want to know where this photo was I can stay as far away as possible

(But...I might order a sign like this for my garden fence.)


I can understand not wanting people to mess with corpses, but... well, how will I know if a (fresh) corpse is actually dead and not an unconscious person, unless I get close enough?


You need to apply the Scientific Stick. (poke)


I did a little research on this because I want this sign on my house especially for Halloween. This is from & I am now tempted to print it out on a color printer to post in my window. I wish I found this on a metal sign so I could keep it up year round at my house.

Kai Lowell

TT, you obviously subscribe to "speak softly and carry a big stick". :D


Speaky2k, thanks for the information!

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