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From GuiltyAdvocate, Tales From Retail:

In my few years working a retail job I have dealt with a variety of customers good and bad, but one will always stick out to me. At the time I worked at a retail store that sold lotion, body wash, perfume etc. Some of our best deals come from coupons that you receive in the mail or by taking surveys. The surveys are usually located on the bottom of the receipt after you make a purchase and once you go online and take it, you receive a code that is redeemable in the store.

So anyways It is a normal shift, and at the time I was working the cash register. In comes this woman with a huge bag from our store (usually means she has some items to return). This is totally fine and I greet her and begin scanning the receipt and items to tally up how much money to credit her back. As a side note, she only returned items and did not even purchase or want to trade the product in for something else in the store.

Well once the transaction is complete a receipt prints that proves that you returned some items and a survey shows up at the bottom of the receipt that is store policy to remove if the customer is only returning product. So I finish the transaction and cut the survey portion of the receipt and hand it back to the customer.

This is when the customer begins to flip. She immediately asks why she does not have a survey for the coupon. It catches me off guard, but I kindly reply with the store policy and that she must purchase something to receive it. She begins to go off, and I mean screaming in my face


over and over again before she finally calls for a manager. I stood shocked and hesitantly called for my manager over the radio. It being quite a small store he shows up immediately (probably from her already screaming). I explain the scenario and my manager backs me up and calmly repeats that it is store policy and we are unable to provide her with the coupons.

The customer unable to control her rage at not being provided a coupon begins to continue her phrase


but this time in a low growl that I imagine Satan himself sounds like while calling souls down to hell. At this point I have overcome my fear and am able to view what is happening from the outside at this comical scenario of this customer repeatedly growling and making animal noises while continuing her phrase GIVE ME MY COUPONS! towards my very calm and collected manager.

I had to hold back my smile and almost busted out laughing behind the counter. She finally leaves and my manager instantly turns to me with a shocked face and asks me to confirm if indeed the customer was growling at him for coupons. I immediately bust out laughing and was unable to answer his question. She was forever known as the growling customer and we never saw her again.





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