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Video Game Store Hell: When Following Corporate Rules Gets You Fired Because of Entitled Custys


AUG2From PM_ME_UR_DIPLOMA, Tales From Reddit:

A few years ago, I was working at a used videogame store.

I was behind the counter, doing morning inventory, when a teenager came in.

TC: Teenage Customer Me: Me

TC: Hey, I preordered a copy of INSERT NAME OF GAME HERE last week. Is it in yet?

Me: Let me check for you. Do you have an ID?

Check his ID, and he is only 16. The game he preordered was rated M, so I couldn't sell it to him.

Me: Sorry buddy, looks like this game is rated M. I can't sell it to you because you are under the age of 18. Is one of your parents in the car?


Me: Believe me, I want nothing more to give it to you. You are right, you are paid on it. Company policy restricts me from selling it to you.


Me: Buddy, I'm on your side. I want to sell the game to you, but my hands are tied. Just come in with your parents or a big brother or even an older friend. I can give it to you then.

TC: Enjoy the unemployment line.

He exits. And I think nothing more about it. This happens once a week.

The next day, my boss calls me and asks to meet me at the coffee shop next door before my shift. He commonly does this to go over monthly numbers.

Manager: Thanks for meeting me.

Me: Sure thing.

Manager: Yesterday, did you have a kid come in asking to purchase a game that he preordered?

Me: Sure did, he was underage so I didn't sell it to him.

Then I go over the conversation with my boss.

Manager: I know you followed policy, but that kid's father is a well respected businessman in the area. The boy's father called my boss's boss, which in turn called me. I'm sorry, I have to let you go.

Me: ARE YOU SERIOUS? For following company policy?

Manager: Yeah, it sucks, but the father is influential in town and he suggested we let you go, and here I am. But you get two weeks severance. Don't worry about your shift today, I'm covering for you. I need your keys and your badge.

Just like that I was unemployed. All because I followed corporate policy.






You: "I'll trade you. My badge and keys for the number of corporate HR and also the Regional Manager's direct line."


"More like: I am going to contact HR in the next few weeks with a lawyer. Since I am being unfairly terminated for following policy, I am suing your boss."

Misty Meanor

Wrongful termination right there!


Bad news: the kiddo has an influential father....
Good news: you get 2 weeks of severance....
Worst news: now whenever you want a job in this town everybody will know why you got fired....


Get a really good lawyer pro bono and I am sure anyone in law will take you on because what that kid did was wrong and you were following company policy!


Basically what everyone else said, lawyer up and go into bat.


"Enjoy the unemployment line."
Oh, I'll enjoy being in my lawyer's office much more. Hope you enjoy juvie, where I'm sure you'll end up with your attitude sooner or later, buddy. Don't drop the soap.

"but the father is influential in town and he suggested we let you go, and here I am"
And you fucking care why? This is why you should never give anyone influence over anything.


Thanks for the severance pay. My attorney will be in touch with HR

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