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Black friday retail hellFrom CharistineE, AskReddit

I'm dating myself here. When I was in college I worked at a toy store and it was the year of the Furbies. They were really hard to get and our site only got 10 of them.

We were instructed to pass out numbers rather than the actual toys to the first 9 in line. (One was donated) I was the lucky one to pass out numbers.

When we opened our doors it was pretty organized because we had set up lines and it was also a high end neighborhood. I gave the first person their number and then all of a sudden I am tackled from behind.

This woman slammed into me and knocked me to the floor and ripped the tickets out of my hand, breaking two fingers. All for fucking numbers.

How dumb was she? The store refused to give her a furby for her numbers and was trying to detain her until the cops showed up but she decked our manager and walked out.





Fortunately the CCTV had gotten a good look at her face, the police tracked her down and she was forced to not just go to jail for assault on your manager, but also to pay for your medical bills for your fingers. That's what my fantasy tells me (should have) happened, I'm sticking to it.

Late Night Geek

Or hopefully, the store covered her injuries.

I've only done Black Friday 3 years myself. I luckily never saw the bad behavior. It wasn't worth the lines.

Misty Meanor

I can't believe some people are that stupid. I hope karma caught up with her.


Why in God's name would anyone want a Furbee? They are kind of gruesome! I agree with all of you and I hope during my Black Thursday-Friday I don't see people acting ugly to each other!


They were THE toy in the mid 90s.

I didn't get it then, either.


I remember reports about government facilities banning Furbies because they were worried someone would use the toy to sneak secrets out of the facility.


@Lightning that is a nice fantasy, but considering a good number of places in the US aren't covered by CCTV these days, and even fewer back then, it's not very likely. The store may of had it's own very grainy security cameras, which would show a generic woman and that's about it.


LadyBelle, okay. I'll just imagine that karma bit her in the ass... eventually.


My sister got a Furby for Christmas that year. I thought it was funny AF, and taught it to cuss and say things like pass the joint

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