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Augh! No you idiot! You're not supposed to TELL them all about your evil plan, because then they'll just eat somebody else's lunch and still get away with it.


Unfortunately, NOT telling them constitutes malicious poisoning in many cases Ilia. :/


Only if they can prove malicious intent. I don't have to explain WHY my food has a laxative in it. Maybe I needed it. Why did you eat my food?


Sandman,exactly. Perhaps the owner of the food has chronic constipation issues. Or, heck, maybe it gives a nice additional flavor to the food. They don't need to justify it.


Spice it can be a good middle ground... can't count as malicious poisoning if you say you just wanted to taste something different for once and said coworker has no rights to eat food that doesn't belong to him/her...

And it will also make the next trip to the bathroom a very unpleasant experience...


Also an idea. Though this makes me wonder, if the owner puts extra milk or so into the food and the thief happens to have an intolerance or allergy to said ingredient... and the owner knows about this (cause the thief has mentioned to the office that they do), could it be considered purposeful bodily harm or still be seen as an accident and come-uppance for the thief eating food that isn't theirs? Mmmh, brain candy.

Kai Lowell

I'm pretty sure that falls under accidental unless you have an especially litigious workplace, but don't quote me on that.


No way they could prosecute... "I brought this food for me, and it was stolen."


TechTyger - you forget the Us legal system. A guy sued and won because his neighbor backed over his hand. At the time he was in the neighbor's garage trying to steal his hubcaps.


Ladybelle is correct. Lets also not forget that courts have ruled in favor of trespassers (or rather their survivors) who have drowned in private pools, would-be robbers who were injured during the break in, and that leaving your keys in your car counts as accessory to grand theft auto. So whether it was intended for you or not, whether someone stole it or not, adding a non-food substance, especially one with such severe effects as a medicinal laxative, would easily be found to be poisoning. Stick to Herp's suggestion: spice it up.


LadyBelle, I asked my mother and she said that, if you DO know about the allergy/intolerance and suddenly add something to your lunch that was not there previously, it WOULD be considered deliberate bodily harm to the food thief. Kind of annoying, but I see where the treshold from accidental to deliberate would be crossed.


I get that deliberate bodily harm thing, but in a perfect world anyway, it wouldn't matter. If you steal someone else's food, you get what you deserve. On a side note, I used to label my lunches as containing various unpleasant meds after a couple got stolen. Never had that problem there again

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