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If Febreeze aggravates your sensitive nose, don't use it; period. I don't. (Also, customer service, it's 'shit' in every tense form.)

Eddy Cator

Not true Lightning.

While most Americans don't really conjugate "shit" as a verb as they tend to use it as a noun or an expletive, some use 'shitted' for a past tense, or 'shit' for both present and past imperfect. British English speakers conjugate "shit" as they would "sit", therefore it is quite common to hear 'shat' in the past tense. (and of course 'shits' for plural and 3rd person singular).

I guess only Grammar Nazis know that now. lol.


As someone who lives in the Bumblefuck of the US south, I have only heard "shitted" a handful of times.


*Nods at Eddy, knowingly.*


I'm voting "shat" all the way on this one.

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