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Electronics Store Hell: "Well Can't You Help Me Anyway?"


ElectronicsstorehellFrom OriginSparhawk, TalesFromRetail

My days of retail are long behind me (more stories coming for sure) but every now and then, I get dragged back in.

I was shopping at an electronics store I hadn't been to in a long time. I had jsut gotten a random gift card from my father-in-law for Christmas, so I was looking something to spend the money. I have the day off so I'm in jeans and a hoodie covered in cat hair (this is important)

I'm wandering aimlessly with a few things in my hands, when a random lady approaches me...

RL: "Excuse me, do you know where X is?"

Me: "No." turns away I'm extraordinarily anti-social when I'm shopping by myself. I don't like being bothered, especially not by other customers.

RL: "But don't you work here?"

Me: "Uh, no?" looks down at my hoodie and jeans, noticing that it looks nothing like the employee uniforms

RL: "Well, do you know where X is anyway?"

Me: "Nope." turns away again

RL: "Why aren't you helping me?"

Me: "Look lady, I'm clearly shopping just like you. I don't know where anything is because I don't work here. In the time you have spent bothering me, you could have approached any one of the people here who are wearing shirts with [name of company] written on it in big letters. Trust me, if I knew where X was, I would have told you so you would stop bothering me."

Random Lady turns, muttering something about how rude people are these days and leaves the store. I guess she didn't really need that item after all....

-- OriginSparhawk



Misty Meanor

Some people are just plain dumb!


"how rude people are these days"
Yes, they just keep demanding answers from someone who clearly doesn't have them. How rude, right?

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