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Retail Balls Awards: The Price Matching Game



...if I can pat the cat, I don't care about your rules.

Tech Support Survivor

Agreed! Although my own kitty will get me back for petting a feline that is not her.

Kai Lowell

I want to bury my face in that fuzzy belly.


*pulls out wad of sticky notes, writes name and app time down, sticks to side of desk, valiantly resists urge to pet the kitty*


Why resist? It's probably one of the reasons he's there... I know the house cat at the emergency vet helped me while I was waiting to see...

Tech Support Survivor

Do not resist. Pet the kitty! Pet her. Pet..... Obey they kitty.


*offers hugs to TT*


Thanks... was three years ago but it still gets me sometimes.

That cat was also their blood donor. Cats apparently have three different blood types, and he was a big boy (bigger than that one) and had the universal donor type, for emergencies.



And Dawww, Hero Kitty!

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