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I used to work for the Department of Motor Vehicles and the one I worked at had pretty limited parking, surprise! I had left for lunch, came back and was having a hard time finding a place to park. I finally found a spot so I drove up to it and put my signal on showing that I was waiting for it. People, in my experience, usually respect this and continue on. Not this time.

Just as the car was backing out, after I had waited a few minutes, a car came from the opposite side of the lot, made eye contact with me and then shot right into the parking space. I was so mad because now I would be late after looking for a new spot. As I drove past the woman that had taken the spot, I just shook my head and she responded by shrugging her shoulders, smiling, mouthing the words, "Oh well," to me and then ran her finger from her eye down her cheek as if to mock me crying about it.

I continued into work, got in trouble for being late, but had actually forgotten about the incident until who's number gets called to my station, but Miss Spot-Stealer herself! The look on her face was priceless!

Keep in mind that I'm not your average DMV worker, I understand that stuff happens and waive penalties all the time and treat my customers with respect because I believe that what goes around, comes around and I know how crappy it is to wait at the DMV all day! I'm usually so nice about getting penalties taken off of people's accounts that I get in trouble for it at times.

So, I greet Spot-stealer as nice as I would anyone else, in fact it may have been nicer than I normally would be. She may have thought I didn't recognize her. Her registration is FAR past due, with hundreds due in penalties. I let her tell me her whole sob story then finally tell her that she owes in full because she was aware of her due date.

She argues it a little until, out of site from my manager, I mouth the words, "Oh well" and drag my finger from my eye to my cheek, mocking her tears. At that point she puts her head down and proceeds to take out her card and pay the full amount because yes, we do take debit cards! :)

What goes around, comes around!





"I let her tell me her whole sob story"
Why do people think sob stories still work? Whenever someone starts one, I just want to stop them, turn on a CD of the most saddest, sobbiest piano pieces in the world, darken the room and hold a tissue to my mouth and say, 'proceed'.


A friend of mine used to have one of the (many) 'tiny violin' apps on his phone... you rock it back and forth and it would play the Godfather violin music... whenever he busted that out, I knew he was having a 'fun' call...

Misty Meanor

What's good for the goose is good for the gander!

Kai Lowell

...There are tiny violin apps?

*reaches for phone*


Quite a few of them, actually. This was also around 5 years ago too, so I'd be surprised if there weren't 2.5 metric assloads...


What's that in Imperial arseloads?

(...and yep, looks like quite a few of them, indeed. Of course, because of Google's tendency to think it knows what you're looking for better than you do, you have to filter out irrelevant stuff...)

Kai Lowell

I've totally got to get one of these - a good friend and I have an injoke involving bards and tiny violins. :D


To quote Nelson: HA-HA!

Dayne Chastant

I used to just rub the tips of my thumb and index finger, and tell them, "This is the world's smallest violin, and it's playing 'My Heart Pumps Purple Piss For You.'"


(giggles!) I've been doing that for years, Dayne. :D I don't remember where I got it from, but that same gesture and phrase...


I remember that. I could be wrong, but I think I recognize that from one of the Dark Tower books by Stephen King

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