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I work PC sales at a certain blue electronics retailer. I've had my fair share of annoying customers. We've all dealt with the people that are too consumed with their phone conversations that they brush us off when we try to help, yet when they're ready to check out they bitch that there was no employee present to answer questions. We've had our share of foreigners that, despite their best efforts, we just can't understand.

NOTHING in my experience has compared to the following customer...

It was a warm July afternoon, and it was a rather slow day for us. Laptops were downstocked, displays had been dusted and wiped free of those grimy fingerprints, all demos were working. My department was looking good. Then they show up.

Mom and Dad redneck followed by about four little redneck hellions. These devil spawn tore through our store screaming like banshees while their parents ignored them. Great.

I braced for the worst. "Please don't come to PC, please don't come to PC!" I prayed as they walked closer and closer.


Me-Hi, Thanks for coming in today, anything in particular I can help you with?

Redneck-(insert worst backwoods country accent imaginable) Laptop.

M- Sure, ... (give them the whole Q&A thing, screen size, processor, hard drive space, blah blah blah..)

As I was so accustomed to doing in my time at that store, I was tuning out the kids as they screamed, set off alarms and generally were a pain in the ass to everyone. I finish up finding them a computer that they wanted and proceed to checkout.

RN- Ok, let's talk price.

Me- Sir?

Jason laptopRN- Oh come on now boy, you don't expect me to pay full price, do ya?

Me- Uhh.. yes sir, I do. I can't negotiate prices with you on the base product but if you were to get a case or a mouse I'd be happy to see what I can do there.

RN- Now listen here, son. I do plenty of shopping here a year. I know you can drop that price.

Then he drops what I'm sure he thought was his Ace in the hole.

RN- I spend thousands of dollars here a year.

Up until now, I had maintained my composure. Typical retail smile, polite to the point it hurt, and always answer, yes sir or no sir.. I had had enough. The kids were wreaking havoc across the store and these folks had no cares about them or me.

Me- Sir, I'm sure this works at other stores, but I can't change the price.

RN- I spend THOUSANDS of dollars here a year. Get your manager, [name redacted]. He'll tell you.

I've had it.

Me- Sir, when you go grocery shopping, do you ask the guy at the deli counter for a discount on your cold cuts? NO? Sir, when you pump your gas, do you ask the attendant for a discount on pump 4 when you buy your smokes? NO?! Then why, sir, do you think I would give you a discount here? This is the same idea as those places. Prices are set.

They were left completely speechless. They summoned their demons and left without their computer. Didn't stop to talk to my manager, didn't go to any other department. Left the store and I never saw or heard from them again.




Misty Meanor

What is this stupidity?!


"I spend THOUSANDS of dollars here a year."
Congratulations on wasting your money here.
You're in an American store; not a freaking bazaar in Turkey.


"I spend thousands of dollars here!" Then you should know we don't haggle.

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