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Soon-to-be-fired-up Employees



From RHUer: If they keep this up, it's a literal description....  There are actually 2 employees (although you can only see one in the photo) sitting outside their retail establishment having a smoke break.... next to a sign that says "flammable materials.  No smoking within 20 feet."




We had an assistant manager that didn't have common sense. All defective merchandise normally was smashed or cut to prevent dumpster divers for many reasons. I had stopped him from killing himself on a couple occasions. The one this picture reminds me of was this. He decided he would destroy some of the defectives while our receiving people that normally did it were unloading a couple thousand boxes from the store warehouse delivery. I stopped him on the up swing of our wood splitting maul, before he started swinging down on a fully charged fire extinguisher. The last thing he almost did was something that had already killed an employee's husband a couple years before, and that won't get mentioned.


I work for a plumbing supplier and outside our main doors is a cage that contains acetylene tanks, all of which are labeled flammable or explosive (can't remember which off hand), and has a sign right at head height that says "No Smoking. Smoking only in courtyard" which is a good fifty feet away.
Nearly every week I see plumbers standing about five feet from the tank cage, puffing away on their cancer sticks.
I'm waiting for the time I come back in from doing a delivery and see a gaping hole in the wall and ground where the cage was, and some guy laying in a gurney mumbling "I didn't know that would happen".

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