Retail Balls Awards: The Only Thing Missing Is Your Basic Sense
So, Is That A Technical Term, Or...?



Heh. The kid in the second picture is NOT going to grow up to post pictures of his food on derpagram or twit. I like him.

The last one, the guy faceplanted into the cutaway pot is funny...

There used to be a chain of restaurants around here called Dogwater that served food in various sizes of dog dishes.

Bored at the Bookstore

Maybe it's me, but I fail to see the utility or cleanliness in these "utensils", unless they are new and discarded after one use.... How the heck does one wash a straw hat? Or the underside of a stool?



Their utility is in that they're unusual, and 'hook' for the restaurant. The food all seems to be in 'and's, as in 'it's in a paper liner AND a straw hat'. It wouldn't work in the US, some idiot's crotchling would bring home the cruds from school and they'd blame it on the restaurant and sue the place out of business in a week.

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