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The Hell of Being a Cart Attendant During The Holidays



Hello it's Janitorgirl and I need to rant about carts. 
Going into the holiday season managers don't seem to understand that although we are called 'Cart attendants' but we also have a crap ton of other tasks. From trash to restrooms to food disposal (a task that used to fall to grocery but they don't have the time-LIKE WE DO?!.) We are only ever at 100% when we have 4 people (one opener, two mids and a closer.- which is a miracle.)
There were two stories that really pissed me off. 
First was on a day when we ran out of carts ONE HOUR in to my shift. The manager 'Cart Nazi' since he was always a hard ass about carts said over the radio "Janitorgirl there are no carts on the first floor."
I said, "It will be a while since I have to prep." It was raining hard. I needed to get my jacket and put towels at every entrance (since I sucked at drying carts and if I had to pull them in dry I would be pulling carts in the rain for hours.)
His reply, "But there are no carts on the first floor!"
I was livid. And when the female cashier manager accused me of being a little rude I lost it. I was sobbing. Did he really expect me to go out in the rain without a jacket?
She said "Well just communicate to us your needs."
Carolanne 034Fine. I prepped. And when I got to the first floor; yes there were no carts inside but there were only 6 carts outside! 

I got on the radio, "Cashier manager! Please acknowledge There are 6 carts on the first floor. We had a double truck last night and the majority of carts are holding unprocessed back stock," I was crying. Several managers asked if I was ok and I flat out said 'no' and told the story several times.
Then came today. There were no carts, but  I also had a supply pallet. If i didn't take it right away it was going to get sent back (not the first time). This was also inventory/clean up all the empty boxes in your supply room day.
I had no lunch coverage but i had a mid who I'll call 'Twin' since he has the same birthday as me. I told Twin, "Please take a radio, I need you to be on carts so i can finish the pallet and inventory/cleaning."
He agreed. But then ten minutes in to his shift I get a call from a manager I thought understood me. She asked both me and Twin to be on carts. 
This was after I just talked to the ONE backroom person doing back stock. He said he had cleared 9 carts (which I pushed to the front) but he was by himself to clear the other thirty. That was where all the carts were. 
I walked outside there were 6 carts on the first floor and 5 on the second floor. Twin, sensing my frustration said "Don't worry I got this."
I said over the radio, "There are so few carts, it is not worth my time to abandon my projects."
"Did you check the other parking lots," was her reply.
Parking lot 1 and 2 belongs to bulls-eye they were empty. 3 belonged to worst buy also empty. 4 was the food area; which we never touched as they were mostly rusted together. 4, Was the employee parking lot, 5 was a lot only accessible with the cart key
Needless to say I stayed 25 minutes past my time to get my teams work load down to a reasonable level (not even finish it.)
Screw Carts.



She said "Well just communicate to us your needs."

"Managers who aren't brain dead dimwits would be a good start. Sufficient people to do the jobs required would be lovely as well."


Misty Meanor

Common sense is a lost cause!


"Well just communicate to us your needs."
Common sense; though that is an extinct trait, it seems.
Adequate numbers of carts to begin with.
Maybe more people to take care of carts, to accomodate the need.
Either of those; preferably all three. But I might get none, right?


Ouch JG. I feel your pain, only with wheel-chairs instead of carts.

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