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Kind of sexist, but I have read too many stories of girls actually thinking flashing = I get my way. Plus, there's a good reason you gotta be 18 - legal reasons.


Lightning, I agree that it is sexist. It presupposes that all men are such hounds for sex that they will take a free viewing in exchange for goods.

It can also be considered sexual harassment.

I'm disturbed by the thought that an underage girl would think it's perfectly ok to flash men to get what they want. Then I recalled how my classmates would behave when they were in junior high and high school during the 90's.


"Experience" isn't sexist. Think about how many stories you read/see about showing tits to get what they want, vs guys dropping their pants. Or, to be non-sexist, girls dropping their pants. Boobies are easily accessible (to those who own them) and semi-public, and it does actually work sometimes.


Tech, yeah, but the lack of a non-female example on this sign does annoy me. A little bit, but it's there. If anyone tried it on me (despite being female and, well, I don't think I would be easily mistaken for a lesbian), I'd tell them that boobs are not a sign of age - I had a friend with ample boobage at the age of 12. It's like using a moustache as proof of age.


"Experience". I'd be willing to bet that not once have they had someone whip out his dick and throw it on the counter to try and convince them to do a tattoo they said no about.

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