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Delivery Hell: Robbed At Glock-Point


SkullysantaFrom chronologicalist, AskReddit

In the late 90s I was still living in Detroit and in between desk jobs, so I delivered pizza as a part time gig. Detroit's neighborhoods have been rough for a few decades now, but the 90s seemed like they were on their own level. I won't say the specific neighborhood, but there were some really rough ones.

This one house, though...this house was just in awful shape. I kind of figured this would be bad even as I was driving down the street to get there. Every other house (literally) was either burned out or very obviously abandoned.

This one was just shitty looking, but I tried to be optimistic. I walked up to the door, awning kind of drooping over my head, and knocked. Almost instantly, the door cracked open, and all I saw was a dark hand with what looked like a glock. "Leave the pizza and walk away."

I complied, obviously, and told my manager that I wouldn't be delivering to that neighborhood anymore. Things are slightly better in Detroit these days, but calling the cops was totally pointless in the 90s.

Still stuck around with that job for another 6 months or so, but that was probably the only thing on that level I've seen.




Misty Meanor

My sympathies.


Can I just walk away? *proceeds to run away (with pizza) before the guy can answer*


Unlikely you're going to outrun a bullet, Superman. Not worth my life for a minimum wage job.

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