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Dumbass Custy Hell: Gloves According To Shoe Size


Carolanne Shoot MeFrom skinneejeans, TalesFromRetail

I work at a large sporting goods store in the Midwest selling coats, gloves etc. during the winter and bikes during the summer. Tonight while I was chatting with my coworker an older woman came up to us and asked if we could help her find some gloves I told her no problem and asked what she was looking for.

Lady: "Does WellKnownHighEndOuterwearBrand make any gloves?"

Me: "Yep! Right over here."

I show her where they are while asking myself how she even questioned that that company didn't make gloves. I then asked if she wanted an everyday glove or heavy outdoor use glove.

She responded with "an everyday heavy glove," which doesn't make sense in itself but after a few more questions I figured out she wants a glove for scooping snow and such. So I get her a good pair and have her try them on. I can tell right away they're a good fit and she then asks me the most confusing question I've ever gotten.

Lady: "So what sizes do these come in? I mean I know it comes in small, medium, large but don't you normally buy gloves according to your shoe size?"

I hope my face didn't show the look of confusion that I felt. That's like buying a type of hat according to the day of the week it is. I paused and then responded "Uhhhhhh no... normally you just get whatever fits your hand best."

She then said, "Ahhhh whatever fits best. I see, I see."

She tried the next size up and then a different style and decided on the first pair I handed her. I thanked her walked straight to the back room to tell my coworkers what I just experienced and they all were equally as confused. We laughed, I made some commission, it was great. She was a sweet and hip old lady but just asked the dumbest thing I've ever heard.





"don't you normally buy gloves according to your shoe size?"
*puts hand next to foot* Nope. My hands are a good third shorter than my feet, hence shoes, too.

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