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From luminousfractal

I work for a retail shipping company/mailbox rental that sees a lot of traffic, and sometimes very strange things happen. This event happened on Friday, and we're all still a bit confused by it.

As part of the holidays, we have some new drivers coming through our shop that don't always respond well to the change. One such driver responded by acting completely zombie-like. No expression, didn't talk to us unless he needed to. We usually just let him do his thing and print his end of day scan sheet when he asked. All in all, he is a very unusual man that has done a few unusual things since he started doing pickups here.

Just after a package sweep, I grab a stack of packages that were dropped off to place them in their pickup zone. To my surprise, there was a sandwich sitting in the middle of the hallway. Nothing special, just your regular white bread/salami/mayonnaise sandwich lying on the floor in a small Ziploc baggie.

I asked my coworkers if anyone had misplaced it, and most laughed at me before they realized I was serious. One suggested that I place it in one of the pickup bins, perhaps our driver had unwittingly left it behind? Well, no harm in trying.

A few hours go by, and our driver is back for his final pickup. My boss is ready to get to the bottom of this.

$Boss: Did you leave a sandwich here?

$Driver: Did I what?

$Boss: Holds up the sad, sad looking meal

$Driver: OH! I was wondering where I left that!


$Boss: So... This is yours? Didn't you go hungry today?

$Driver: No, it's okay. I always make a backup sandwich just in case something like this happens. That way I don't go hungry


Turns out this guy has had this happen so many times that he now wake up and makes himself two lunches every single day, just in case one goes MIA. We do our best to be good people, and we try very hard not to judge anybody, but we have unanimously dubbed this driver "The Sandwich Man."




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