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ZusunicStudio, Tales From Retail:

On Christmas Eve I was working a 8 1/2 hour shift at my local supermarket. I was cashiering for almost all of the day and like usual during this time we get a lot of gift card purchases happening.

Anyways I was checking this man and his son out who had a decent amount of gift cards that they bought. They paid for it all and left, a couple of minutes later he comes back and there is a lady and her son behind him. He's got a gift card in his hand and I ring it up for him just thinking he had forgotten to get one.

I hand it back to him after the transaction and see him turn around and hand it to the lady and her son behind him. He said to her that he hoped this would help make their Christmas a little bit better and the lady thanked him profusely.

If I remember correctly it was a 50 dollar gift card from our store which can be used on anything in the super market or gas at our gas station.

It's things like this that restore my faith in humanity.





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